Chatbots in Travel: How to Build a Bot that Travelers Will Love

best airline chatbot

The question would be how economic would this service be to provide and what would be the benefit for the airline and the customers. Many popular news portals and television networks introduced chatbot services. Chatbots inform people about breaking news and recommend top stories to read.

According to Expensify, the expensing platform has also added integrations with companies like Jettly, a private jet charter marketplace, and ParkWhiz, an app for searching finding and booking spots. Prior to founding Pana, CEO Devon Tivona studied computer science at University of Colorado Boulder before analyzing new and emerging technologies on the research and development team at Hewlett-Packard. He’s also worked on IOS teams at Flipboard, a personalized news application that recommends news stories and publications based on user preferences, and MapQuest. This simple program is accessible by text message and Facebook Messenger.

Q2: Are chatbots for travel secure?

All users of Pana’s free and paid versions require a company email to download the app. When the user is ready to start planning a complex trip, they can request all of their travel needs, such as hotel dates or flight times, by recording one voice message. Similarly to Apple IMessage’s voice to text feature, HelloGBye converts the vocal request to text which then appears in the chat thread. The company claims that, within 30 seconds, its software can search the web for flights and hotels that fit a user’s preferences and messaged request. Now, using a chatbot and your smartphone, you can book and pay for hotels, flights, and even check-in online without a hassle.

Users feel more valued when the chatbot gives a far more humane experience. Good Chatbots gives more options to the visitor by providing relevant and contextual information. The Chatbots for travel would be available 24/7, answering immediate Consumer queries while pitching the different travel plans for the visitors.


This chatbot is very friendly to talk to, and the interface is also quite user friendly. Pana claims to combine chatbots, humans and artificial intelligence to help companies and professionals manage travel. While professionals can use the app for individual business trips, companies can use the app to assist guests that they’ve invited to their offices, such as interns, job candidates, or other colleagues.

best airline chatbot

Unlike employees, a chatbot will not require rest and will not need to be paid a wage. A hotel bot, for instance, can be continuously available at all times, even when reception staff is busy, or customer service staff are off-duty. Use Eddy AI to, the AI-powered travel chatbot, to sell flights, hotels, activities, and other travel products on autopilot. Travel chatbots can offer suggestions based on preferences, past behavior, and even current travel trends, acting as your customer’s personal travel guide.

And that is in my opinion the role of humans, fostering the sentiments and the emotions of travelers. Travelers will enjoy more flexibility with tailored choices for product and services. Airlines have full control over their offer and will have the more chances to differentiate and strengthen their brands. Travel Sellers will be able to offer more choice, and highest level of service for travelers. The fervor around OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot and Microsoft’s new, AI-infused version of its Bing search engine is prompting many industries to funnel energy into developing artificial-intelligence technology. Chatbots have obvious applications for airlines and yet they have not been widely deployed by airlines.

Understanding the context of the visitor query is an important factor in any Chatbot usefulness. Getting the requirements of the visitor correct will go a long way in generating leads for the travel agency website. Plenty of blogs, research papers, and use cases among others are pointing out the vast possibilities of Chatbots.

AI for Enterprise: Secrets to Enhancing Customer Experience While Maintaining Compliance

These daunting customer-service demands have pushed airlines to automate since the dawn of mainframes. In 1960, IBM and American Airlines launched the first computerized reservation tool, based on a program developed for the Air Force. Customers would call a travel agent, who would then call an airline ticketing agent, who would then input the trip particulars.

  • Chatbots in the travel industry guide users through the booking process of their flights and accommodation directly on the businesses’ websites, leading to an increase in revenue from direct bookings.
  • This removes the need for customers to navigate to the Trustpilot webpage in order to leave a review, which in turn increases the number of reviews that will be received.
  • The popularity of travel chatbots as reservation agents is in rapid growth mode.
  • One of the major future developments that could revolutionize the travel industry is related to this and involves instant language translation via voice recognition.

This is great news for every travel company looking to provide better guest experiences, reduce costs, and drive incremental revenue. Listed companies offer either a chatbot, or chat thread which combines responses from chatbots and human agents. Ranked in order of raised funding, each company listed either offers an app, mobile-optimized site, or integration options with popular messaging applications.


If your business uses Salesforce, you’ll want to check out Salesforce Einstein. It’s a chatbot that’s designed to help you get the most out of Salesforce. With it, the bot can find information about leads and customers without ever leaving the comfort of the CRM. Businesses of all sizes that are looking for an easy-to-use chatbot builder that requires no coding knowledge. With the HubSpot Chatbot Builder, you can create chatbot windows that are consistent with the aesthetic of your website or product. Create natural chatbot sequences and even personalize the messages using data you pull directly from your customer relationship management (CRM).

If you’d like to get on board, and are interested in creating a conversational app for your airline, book a demo today to learn how Hubtype can help you improve your customer’s experience. With a conversational app, airlines can now reach more customers faster, therefore unlocking the potential for scalable customer service. What previously may have required hours of phone calls for human agents, can now be automated instantly, thanks to the use of AI. This allows for a higher capacity for requests, and more potential scope for the customer service department. In recent years, we have seen the use of chatbots soaring upwards within the travel industry.

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It also provides users with information about the hotels, so they don’t need to visit their websites, and it allows users to perform transactions online. The travel industry has seen quite a transformation in technology to stay ahead of competitors. From using websites to mobile apps to social media, generating leads has been quite a task. This chatbot template is the savior to help you reduce the drop offs you typically notice on your forms and capture lead data that converts. This chatbot allows you to provide seamless travel experiences by instantly resolving your passengers’ search.

Step 2. Choose the chatbot type

In contrast, you need a compatible solution if your interactions are primarily through social media. Of course, price is also an important consideration, and you must ensure you select a chatbot that meets your budget. You should also be aware of any ongoing subscription fees or hidden costs. You need to consider many different factors when selecting the best AI chatbot for your specific needs. For example, you need to think about the nature of your business and the types of customer questions you most commonly receive.

best airline chatbot

This demo shows how Hello Hipmunk claims to help users with quick travel bookings. In a 2017 study from 3CInteractive, 40 percent of millennials say they use a chatbot on a daily basis. Earlier this year, FlightHub and JustFly made waves with their automated solution to the influx of customers seeking travel refunds.

best airline chatbot

But remember that the ultimate goal for designing a chatbot is to delegate the tasks that can be automated, not to make it reply to custom requests. Additionally, make sure that your customers understand they’re talking to a bot. If you lead a customer to believe that a bot is a human assistant, it will end in user confusion and disappointment. For instance, a text-based chatbot Ella launched by Sabre assists travelers informing them about flight changes, reservations, etc. and answering questions. In case Ella can’t answer the question, it directs a customer to a live agent.

best airline chatbot

This role for AI as a trip assistant will follow the traveler through the experience including the ability to intercede quickly when travel plans are disrupted. Get this delivered to your inbox, and more info about our products and services. I could see how it could save travelers’ time, especially if they are looking for an overview or are at the early stages of planning.

best airline chatbot

The hype around Chatbots refuses to die down with talk of the town being the unlimited possibilities the Chatbot offers to the end-users. Chatbots leverages Artificial Intelligence technology in aiding the firms in solving myriad issues like the prompt answering of visitor queries, engaging users, 24/7 availability among others. Chatbots are rising in its implementation but it’s not a fad in passing, it’s a crucial innovation. Chatbots simplify Travel plans for the travelers while streamlining business for the travel industry firms.

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