Chatbot for Education: 5 Ways to Use Chatbots in Higher Education

educational chatbot examples

AI-powered chatbots are designed to mimic human conversation using text or voice interaction, providing information in a conversational manner. Chatbots’ history dates back to the 1960s and over the decades chatbots have evolved significantly, driven by advancements in technology and the growing demand for automated communication systems. Created by Joseph Weizenbaum at MIT in 1966, ELIZA was one of the earliest chatbot programs (Weizenbaum, 1966). ELIZA could mimic human-like responses by reflecting user inputs as questions. Another early example of a chatbot was PARRY, implemented in 1972 by psychiatrist Kenneth Colby at Stanford University (Colby, 1981).

  • Consequently, their potential impact on future education is substantial.
  • Guided by student response, chatbots can introduce relevant programs and services, and guide the interested students towards the next step, like filling out an application.
  • Analyze which questions they ask the most, and collect their feedback about your chosen online course platform, lesson reviews, and general impressions about your classes.
  • The process of organizing your knowledge, teaching it to someone, and responding to that person reinforces your own learning on that topic (Carey, 2015).
  • Replika does not breach your privacy any more than other popular apps.

Chatbots do this by asking students open-ended questions, as well as multiple-choice questions to collect qualitative and quantitative feedback. For complex queries, that chatbot can always give the email address or phone numbers of the concerned department so the students can get in touch. You can also add any other element to your chatbot for education by dragging and dropping it from the sidebar to the workspace. Your interaction starts with a welcome message — this is where you want to include your FAQ buttons and quick replies, give your chatbot for education a name, and outline what it can do.

How to make Chatbots Work for Your Educational Institution?

Conversely, educators may use Juji to design engaging activities, check for students’ knowledge, and intervene when necessary. The program’s analytics and natural language processing features help educators obtain insight into student performance to modify lessons appropriately. BotCore, a remarkable technological innovation, is vital to students’ lives. This cutting-edge chatbot companion serves the role of a personal caretaker, delivering unwavering support and guidance across multifarious dimensions of student existence. From diligent schedule management and conscientious reminders to dispensing invaluable academic resources and generous study tips. A fair amount of information so you can decide if you would like to go ahead with deploying chatbots in your educational institution.

educational chatbot examples

With artificial intelligence, the complete process of enrollment and admissions can be smoother and more streamlined. Administrators can take up other complex, time-consuming tasks that need human attention. This learning concept involves repeating the old lessons, just before you forget them. The spaced interval learning was used as a basis for developing an app that helps people to track the learning process and reminds them to repeat the lessons they are about to forget. The app was created by the Polish inventor Piotr Wozniak and promoted by the SuperMemo company. These programs have one or a few functionalities that tackle specific problems.

Provide administrative support

Unlike Chirpy Cardinal, who wants to chat for the sake of chatting, Siri is more concerned with getting things done. You can think about Siri as a voice-based computer interface rather than a separate entity you can talk to for fun. For example, Globe Telecom—a provider of telecommunications services in the Philippines—has over 62 million customers. Most of the conversations use quick replies—you choose one of the suggested dialog options. Casper created a landing page with a chatbot for insomniacs that will text you if you can’t fall asleep. This chatbot can also track orders and estimate the time of delivery.

  • Gathering all the new students’ personal info during admission requires lots of elbow grease, especially if you’re short on time.
  • A chatbot tailors learning and lectures by analyzing each student’s needs and subjects or courses that give them the most trouble.
  • Assume that the organization that developed the chatbot will use any data you enter according to their terms of service.
  • That’s when AI chatbots and virtual assistants come especially handy.

Next, we dragged and dropped the “Action” element and connected it to the button, which will allow a human manager to take over the conversation whenever a student requests it. Another golden chatbot for eLearning rule you can see in action here is outlining what your chatbot can and cannot do in your welcome message to build proper expectations and avoid misunderstandings. Predicted to experience substantial growth of approximately $9 billion by 2029, the Edtech industry demonstrates numerous practical applications that highlight the capabilities of AI and ML. Guided analysis of how AI can affect your own courses and teaching practice, covering ethical issues, student success issues, and workload balance.

Not every student learns the same way, and many have learning disabilities requiring one-on-one lessons and extra care. A chatbot tailors learning and lectures by analyzing each student’s needs and subjects or courses that give them the most trouble. Students, especially at certain times of the year such as beginning and end of semesters, have lots of questions about their lesson plans, classes, schedules, and school guidelines. When a teacher has dozens of students to teach, it’s time-consuming to answer these same questions one by one.

This way, teachers will also be able to provide better-quality mentorship. Consequently, this will be especially helpful for students with learning disabilities. Like any technology, access to these tools varies and lack of access can perpetuate existing inequities. While chatbots can help to reduce some gaps, they may also exacerbate others. Keep these issues in mind as you and your students work to maximize the potential benefit of using chatbots.

How to create your own chatbot for education with SendPulse

University chatbots are just the thing for self-paced learning activities, as it allows students to organize this process themselves without bothering their teachers or instructors every time. Users can get all the updates, task assessments, and learning materials themselves, and chatbots are there for them anytime they are ready to start a new lesson. Educators often use the multiple-choice tests to make their job easier. Essays offer much better insight into a student’s level of knowledge, methodology, and problem-solving skill, but they are much harder to grade and assess. In the future, educational chatbots will have essay scoring functionality. When we talk about educational chatbots, this is probably the biggest concern of teachers and trade union organizations.

educational chatbot examples

Chatbots and Large Language Models can produce content that perpetuates harmful biases and stereotypes. Developers train LLMs on vast but still limited sets of digital data. Most training data comes from Western perspectives in the English language available from the internet. Human engineers, with their inherent biases, also provide additional training for these tools. Individual users bring their own perspectives into dialogue with a chatbot through prompts and queries.

e) Have a Vast Database to Provide Multiple Resources

These mobile devices change the way we communicate and allow ever-present learning in various environments. This study examined educational chatbots for Facebook Messenger to support learning. The independent web directory was screened to assess chatbots for this study resulting in the identification of 89 unique chatbots. Each chatbot was classified by language, subject matter and developer’s platform. Finally, we evaluated 47 educational chatbots using the Facebook Messenger platform based on the analytic hierarchy process against the quality attributes of teaching, humanity, affect, and accessibility.

In conversation with ChatGPT – Law Society Journal

In conversation with ChatGPT.

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In 2019, he released the results of a poll of 700+ of his students about their experience with Ed the chatbot. Ninety-nine percent said they were satisfied with it and 63 percent said they would like to see chatbots integrated into all of their classes. If you want to discover more chatbot examples and explore what they can do, create your free Tidio account. You’ll be able to access the templates and play around with the best free online chatbot builder.

Real-time Dashboard for Student Insights

I borrowed the term “proudly artificial” from Lauren Kunze, the CEO of the chatbot platform Pandorabots. It would be unethical to use a chatbot to interact with students under false pretenses. It is very important that they understand from the beginning that they are not chatting with a human. At the same time, they should also be told who is the teacher who has designed the chatbot and, most importantly, that the information they share with the chatbot will be seen by the teacher. I’m also very clear, through what the bot says to the user and what I say when I first introduce the bot, about how the information that is shared will be used.

This platform uses AI to personalize the learning experience for each student. Similarly, Stanford has its own AI Laboratory, where researchers work on cutting-edge AI projects. MIT is also heavily invested in AI with its MIT Intelligence Quest (MIT IQ) and MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab initiatives, exploring the potential of AI in various fields.

educational chatbot examples

Playing around with Visual Dialog can be very entertaining and addictive. Companies like L’Oréal use it to reduce the workload of their HR department. The initial screening helps to filter out the most promising candidates.

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educational chatbot examples