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That’s easier said than done if there’s no penalty for avoiding a decision or sanction for escalating issues unnecessarily. Solving for cross-cutting decisions, therefore, starts with commitment to a well-coordinated process that helps clarify objectives, measures, targets, and roles. In practical terms, this might mean drawing a bright line between the portion of a meeting dedicated to decisions from the parts of a meeting meant to inform or discuss.

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The different steps in each circle have different levels of importance as well as different tasks. In the session on the decision framework, we will be also discussing the development of the decision framework. Decision-making is an art, and practice and experience help in making better decisions. In this case, the decision-maker must wait for the situation to unfold itself. You understand the facts of the issue; you see multiple solutions to the issue, analyze the solutions available, and respond with the best possible solution.

Key Takeaways

People struggle with decisions so much so that we actually get exhausted from having to decide too much, a phenomenon called decision fatigue. On the other hand, collective decision-making can be a dangerous path to deadlocks and loss of executive power. You need to handle the processes and dynamics with a tight fist to keep people focused on the problem at hand and to maintain options below the line of the absurd. I’m a strong advocate of the idea that the main value a product manager brings to the team is decision-making.

When two principles seem to conflict, the context should tell you which principle should take precedence. For example, “think rigorously” is paramount for high impact and irreversible decisions, but “move with urgency” is critical for decisions that are lower impact and potentially tunable. In this way, your core tenets serve more as a guide to action than a toothless list of nice-to-haves. DACI is often compared to RACI, another decision-making framework that stands for responsible, accountable, consulted, and informed.

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Organizations were very hierarchical with centralized decision-making. RACI has one person accountable for the successful completion of the work and emphasizes task completion over achieving valuable outcomes. Team members should consider themselves co-owners of the final decision, not just people decision making framework who were asked to weigh in. In this guide, we’ll define what DACI is, explore the four DACI roles in detail, and provide real-world examples and templates to help you implement the framework in your organization. If you want to be more successful, consider how you’re spending your time.