It is an entity class that does not depend on any framework-specific base class. It is the normal .NET CLR class that’s why it is named “Plain Old CLR Objects”. It supports many operations like update, create, and delete that are generated by the entity data model. Entity framework, you can think of it as a way to access the database (in an object-oriented fashion). As I’ve stated before, you can easily use entity framework as the M part of mvc if you need to interact with a database. Before we answer these exciting questions, let’s talk about LINQ, also known as Language-Integrated Query syntax.

With the project created and EF Core integrated, you’re prepared to start developing your application’s core functionality. For a Cross-Platform Development experience, ensure that the tools and databases you choose are compatible with all operating systems you plan to support. This tutorial provides a hands-on approach to the subject with step-by-step program examples that will assist you in learning and putting the acquired knowledge into practice. ORMs Tools are used to increase the developer’s productivity by reducing the redundant task of doing CRUD operations against a database in a .NET Application.

POCO Entities (Plain Old CLR Objects)

First, create the following stored procedures GetCoursesByStudentId in your SQL Server database. This procedure returns all the courses assigned to a particular student. This folder contains some auto generated files like Index, Create, Delete etc. Let us now edit the project.json file directly by adding the following two packages.

Visual Studio is a popular choice that offers powerful features like IntelliSense and integrated debugging. For those who prefer a lighter option, Visual Studio Code is an excellent alternative with robust extensions for .NET Core. Understanding EF Core’s capabilities and limitations is key for architecting robust, scalable applications. The following figure illustrates the supported application types, .NET Frameworks and OSs.

Seeding initial data

Once you click on the Next button, it will open a popup asking you to choose the Entity Framework version as shown below. From this window, select Entity Framework 6.x and click on the Next button as shown in the below image. Once you click on the Next button, what is entity framework It will open choose your data connection wizard as shown below. From this window click on the New Connection button as shown in the below image. We want to display the data from both tables (Departments and Employees) in a console application as shown below.

what is entity framework in asp net